Xone Phone Review

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Xone Phone

Gadget lovers are always hungry for more and for them they have a new addition which has been selling like hot cakes. The android brother of the famous Apple product the iPhone. It’s called the Xone Phone. Well, the surprise doesn’t stop there. It has an incredibly competent pricing since its market price has been cut short by the company recently. Another important matter is that the phone is filled with latest innovations to blow the user’s mind.

Presented by a European company, the Xone is produced in one of the finest Chinese production lines like many other Electronic giants putting it at par with Samsung, Huawei and Apple.

With the growing hunger for new devices, there are still a lot of hurdles to be crossed before the device’s success. Every person is not going to be someone who dwells on the features of the product and certain devices do not live up to their name either. But at the end of the day all that is in the mind of the individual is to own the latest release, something easy to navigate through.

Also, all of this should come for a budget too. A new market trend-setter.

X one Phone review

Features of Xone Phone

The use of newly derived technology with a crystal-clear software package (operating system) and shoulder to shoulder hardware, Xone Phone is smooth and lightning fast. A new phone without any lags.

One of the most looked onto feature of a phone is its screen technology. When your check-out the cheapest in segment – The Xone Phone, you will clearly see that even though it lacks a very few elite features, it is a brilliant crowd pleaser.

Given below are the features of Xone Phone :-

  • Ease of Use – The use of the phone is brilliantly guided to a point where even a toddler can navigate it with ease and set it up with no difficulty.
  • Safety – The most common issue that is seen between gadget enthusiasts is the breach of privacy. The producers of the devices sometimes do not do enough to take care of the personal data of the customers. Here is where Xone shines bright. It offers top of the range Face ID recognition feature and also Touch lock. A total of 5 finger prints can be fed into the phone initially to unlock it and that too within the wink of an eye.
  • Battery Life – Powered by one of the best battery packs in the industry, a 3350 mAh Li-polymer pack with over 290 hours with a guaranteed powerful experience of 9 hours uninterrupted talk-time.
  • Camera – Talking in terms of pixels, the Xone packs an impressive combo of 16 MP+5 MP twin camera with a stunning sense of capture for your most precious moments. Also has an 8MP front camera.
  • Storage – With a standard 16 GB internal memory, it is expandable up to 128 GB. Another important feature is its spectacular 2 GB RAM which ensures a super flow of use.
  • Display – The green features a 5.7-inch-High definition + display which is well spread out to use maximum surface area. Behind there is a twin camera, finger print sensor and a speaker. The resolution of the screen is 1498 x 720 pixels.

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Other Key Features of Xone Phone

The Xone packs a lot of features present in an iPhone or a top-notch Samsung device. Below given are the features that makes it a people pleaser and a huge favorite: –

Touch sensor and a Facial recognition system with a lightning speed response of 0.1 seconds makes your phone, the Xone safe and fast.

With a provision for double sim slots providing connectivity wherever the person goes and an expandable memory card slot providing up to 128 GB, Xone is the perfect companion for a Business traveler.

Super smart software package with an inbuilt power saving command, plus one of the best battery packs in the segment, the 3350 mah Li-polymer battery which provide back-up for one entire day so that you don’t have to run around with your charger to find a power slot.

With its 5.7 inch HD+ display which isn’t too big to handle with one hand, you enjoy videos in the highest of qualities.

Features like Dual GPS and Glonass makes navigation seem like a piece of cake and a real delight.

Xone Phone is also equipped with all the android applications and comes loaded with the latest 8.1 version of Android

Ease of Use of Xone Phone

The Xone is designed and created internally and externally in the sense that no one has any sort of difficulty in setting it up or using its functions for day to day purposes. A simple yet powerful device created to satisfy the most tech savvy customer and also a beginner alike. The setting up of the device is a simple walk in the park and a gateway to one of the best user-friendly experiences.

Xone Phone battery

How Safe Is Xone Phone?

In this current scenario the mobile phone plays a huge role in an individual’s life. His or her bank details, personal photos, certificates, documents of various kinds are stored and carried around for convenience and quick use. And to lose the data or spill them onto another person’s hands is very dangerous. That is where the Facial recognition function and the Touch lock function plays a very important role. It helps the user to carry around the sensitive material with extreme confidence. The Face ID takes just 0.2 seconds to recognize the persons face. All of your information is super safe.

Camera Specifications

When you look at the camera specifications there is a lot of difference in the quality, but when put into a person’s hand who hasn’t had an experience of a new generation smartphone, it is huge. Packed with a 5 MP front camera and a 16 MP back camera, the quality is very good.

The pictures captured by the phone is of excellent quality for the specifications it possesses. As a matter of fact, now you don’t need a DSLR camera to deal with your Instagram and Facebook feeds. Also, to add if you are sharing the pictures with a friend and he or she doesn’t have a device which is of advanced quality, then the pictures sent will not show its real value.


The most common point of headache for a phone user is its memory. If you have a phone with a smaller memory, you already know how irritating it is to delete old photos and music to make space for new files. With 16 GB internal memory and up to 128 GB expandable, you have nothing more to worry about memory issues.

Purchase and Price

The device is readily available from the direct web page of the manufacturer and guess what, the shipping will be free for you along with a lot of other exciting offers.

You can get this incredible device now for just $180 and right now the manufacturer is ready to offer the shipping charges completely free of cost along with and additional 50% price waive-off. There are now exciting combo packages for you to select if you and your friends want to purchase it collectively.

  • If you and your friend want the same device then the 2+1 plan is perfect. Buy 2 and get one absolutely free of cost. Package price $447 only.
  • If more are interested then you get 5 phones for the price of 3. Package cost $640.
  • When you order 4, you get it for just $547.

X one Phone

What Makes the Xone Phone Affordable?

If you are wondering why the phone is priced so low, let me fill you in on the fact that no amount has been put in by the company for the advertising of this phone. The supreme confidence that the phone will sell itself is the one and only reason behind this.

In the end the price that you are paying for the other big brands is just the fund that they have put into advertising their product.

Pros and cons of Xone Phone


  • Very attractive pricing.
  • The screen quality is amazing.
  • The camera is best in its segment.
  • It has a battery that you can entirely depend on.
  • Finger security and Face recognition ID helps and supports your privacy.
  • The shell of the phone is durable and dependable.


  • The device is tad bit slow when switched between screen and the application.
  • The sound system and volume are a little low in comparison to other devices.
  • NFC technology is not available.

Customer Testimonials

Andrew ~ I fell in love with this phone when I saw it for the first time. I am a bit backwards when it comes to phones and the technology used in it. But Xone even with all their said features makes it so easy for me to deal with all my activities on it like a walk in the park. I love how its music is and the camera works beautifully.

Kate ~ This was a gift from my boyfriend to me on my birthday. I absolutely adore the phone and it’s so amazing!

The best thing about this phone is that it helps me do all my work and when my work gets over, it still has more battery. I feel safe with this device.

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Xone Phone Review

Name – Xone Phone

Description – At par with iPhone and Samsung devices.

Brand – Xone Phone

Technical Specifications

Brand Name Xone Phone
Display 5.7 inches IPS
Screen Resolution 1498 x 720 pixels
CPU MediaTek MT6739; 4-core; 1.3ghz
GPU IMG powerVR GE8100
Internal Memory 16GB
Expandable Memory 128GB
Battery 3350mah; 5V/2A
Operating System Android 8.1
Dual Rear Camera 16 MP + 5 MP
Front Camera 8 MP
Weight 171.5 g
Dimensions 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.7mm
Amount $180

Summary of Xone Phone

  • Price -A low priced mobile phone which provides all the necessary functions of a smartphone at the said cost of $180. Incredibly pocket friendly and loaded with features and surprises.
  • Camera – Equipped with a 16 MP + 5 MP Twin rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. Amazing screen quality with 5.7-inch screen size.
  • Security -Finger print season and Face lock ID available.
  • Memory – An ample 16 GB unbuild memory with expansion possible up to 128 GB.
  • Battery – 3350mAh battery
  • CPU – Quad core
  • Dual SIM

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Putting together the specifications and the price, the device is an absolute must buy. 23 hours of non-stop music and 7 hours of back to back videos is a lot at this price. The normal jack headphones are suitable for this device

Looking like it comes out of a James Bond movie, the device is a heartthrob. Good screen size and quality supports the all in all multimedia interaction for the customer.

Exciting package offers are exclusively available when the phone is bought in numbers more than one. This is a great way to keep your loved ones happy by gifting them this amazing device.

Amazing battery of 3350 with a screen size of 5.7 inches, High definition video quality, with 16GB internal memory expandable up to 128GB, a grand 2 GB Ram. Quad core processor. Face lock and fingerprint security function supported by latest Android 8.1.

All these features for a mere $180!

The life that the battery gives is insanely good. 24 hours of activity guaranteed! And with 2 sim slots to make it more convenient, there would be no loss of connectivity wherever you are. Two phones in 1!

For those who love the radio, it offers that sweet feature too. Music will follow wherever you go.

All these above said feature for just $180, just $180. If there is a set plan for a new phone purchase, Xone is the way to go. Plus, you get an additional offer of 50% right now!!!

Now hurry and make this happen. Stylish and functional phone loaded with features for a very affordable and pocket friendly price. Purchase the Xone and join the smart spenders club.

X one Phone